Valentine gifts

What’s your plan this Valentine? Valentine day is nearing. Maybe your dating, your single and you want to surprise yourself or your partner. Well, worry no more. Hence here is a list of things you should buy .

  1. Watch for him – you should surprise him with a watch.
  2. Necklace for her – a silver it golden necklace will make your girl really happy.
  3. Roses – Roses are the best gifts for your girl. They are affordable. You can find them across the street.

4. Chocolates – every girl wants chocolates. Therefore make sure to include them in your list to make your girl feel proud.

5. Tie – if your man is working in an office,you can get him a tie. This will make him smile every morning he stares at the mirror.

6. A red dress – buy her a dress which you’ll take her on a date.

7. Wine – you don’t wanna miss a red wine which you’ll celebrate after your day.

List is endless. These are the few important things you wouldn’t wanna miss. Surprise your lady, your man and everyone you care about.

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By Agnes Mumbi

I am Agnes Mumbi Wambura. I was born in late 90s. Am a Kenyan lady who covers fashion, fitness and relationships.

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