6 best tips for having a flat tummy!

Reducing belly fat is very simple. All you need to do is to observe your diet and all will be well. Below are the some ways you need to follow.

1.Dancing– it is an activity that you do while standing which is more healthy rather than sitting. Dancing is an activity that’s pleasant and fun to do it. Find yourself a room that has enough space for you to dance comfortably without interruption. Then be active as you continue to belly dance and you’ll notice that there is a change in your belly. Dancing will activate more muscles to maintain balance and hold up your weight. All you need is put your favorite music that makes you feel motivated.

2. Avoid alcohol- too much consumption of alcohol can make your stomach feel bloated. In order to fit in that dress, that high waist trouser or your wedding gown stay away from alcohol. Don’t take alcohol for a few days and you will notice a great change.

3: Drink Water – drinking water frequently is necessary. This will help reduce cholesterol in the belly and to flush away those toxins. Furthermore it promotes a glowing skin and a flatty tummy. Better still drinking healthy drinks like garlic water, lemon water, green teas, fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

4. Say no to stress – if you feel there is something giving stress, avoid it. stress can make your belly increase due to over production of certain hormone called cortisol which leads to weight gain around your tummy area. So as much as possible try to avoid stress. We are talking about having a great figure so maintain it.

5. Bye bye to late night dining – this is actually helpful. To avoid great consequences of having big tummy, make it a habit to eat smaller meals at night and don’t lie down for at least four hours after supper. In case you feel hungry at night just consume a fruit instead of going for desserts to curb your satisfaction.

6.Consider consumption of more proteins- when your trying to reduce your belly it is good you consider eating more proteins instead of carbohydrates. Egg is a good example. They are healthy, rich in proteins and most important the have certain unique features of weight loss properties. Eating eggs during breakfast is effective since it limits frequent consumption. In previous studies eggs have shown to be more effective in belly reduction.

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