Best Men fitness tips .

Fitness is one of the most trending topic. Everybody wants to have an awesome body that can be be admired by everyone. Here are some of the examples of best fitness tips for men.

  1. Jogging – it is actually the best activity especially in the morning. Once you wake up make an effort to jog a bit .

2. Dumbbell – this activity is important as it helps shoulders and muscles to be strong 💪

3. Sit up – you can actually do sit ups anytime you feel like. It doesn’t have to be in the morning or night. Moreover you can practice anyway so long as you have enough space.

4. Press up – is an effective method that helps men strengthen their muscles especially the upper part. As well you raise your body off the ground until you straighten your hands.

5. Rowing machine – it’s actually a tool where you make certain movement as somebody whose rowing a boat .

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Four suitable fat loss fruits!!!

Fruit is a word that is mentioned now and then. We have a number of fruits in our villages. Fruits are very important in our daily lives. Fruits play various roles. Take a look at these examples of fruits that are important in helping fat loose.

  1. Kiwi – it is one of the best know fruits that helps in reduce weight. You can take one kiwi per day. Lastly it’s a very nutritious fruit and has high content of fiber.

2. Bananas – eating bananas aids a lot in loosing belly fat. This is because they are energy giving food. Moreover consuming more of them helps a person reduce his or her desire to eat more because one is already full.

3. Apples – I know many people wonder how can apple help reduce fat ? Well this is the answer, apples are low in calories and high in fiber.

4. Watermelon – it is an amazing fruit that has a high percentage of water. Consuming watermelon everyday can really help to reduce weight. Similarly it keeps you full hence limiting you to eat extra food.

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How to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

  1. Communication – both parties should be open with each other. Communication is necessary in relationship especially in a long distance relationship for things to work out. It helps to know if a partner is going through a lot of tough time, avoid secrets that are unnecessary to keep.
  2. Respecting each other- respect is a very important word that needs to be practiced whenever your in relationship. Respect we mean you value your partner’s decision, respect him as a person despite his or her background, appreciate.
  3. As a good partner always learn to admit your mistakes when your in wrong – this will show your partner that you care a lot about your relationship and you never meant to do those mistakes that could have ruined your love.
  4. Be a supportive partner – give your partner all the support he or she would need in every way possible. When you support each other one will feel highly motivated to do even better.
  5. Spending time together – this will help your love to grow and create memories of your love. For example go on a date together, take a walk with your partner.
  6. Be an understanding partner in every step of the way – know your partner’s weakness and strengths. Always understand his or her plans that he needs to accomplish. Although this point of understanding may be hard to practice but still try your level best to understand.
  7. Create room for romance – Not all relationship succeed without intimacy. Intimacy helps to reconnect to lovers who were about to give up in their relationship. But then again if you feel your relationship is not working don’t force it with romance. Learn when it’s time to let it go

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Signs that his not the prince charming of your dreams.

1.He always take too long to reply and unless you text the second time he can’t reply.
2.He doesn’t include you in his future plans. That is, when he express himself he just say I instead of”we” especially when his describing how he wants his future life to be.
3 Too occupied with his work . He never plans for you too lover birds to meet unless it’s you who insist on meeting him. This clearly shows his not into you as you thought.
4.He never introduces you to his friends as his girl. This clearly shows that he doesn’t appreciate you as his girl.
5 .His always serious in everything he does . He doesn’t crack jokes when your together, his always sensitive with whatever you say or do

Ladies you don’t deserve that, you deserve a man who appreciates you always,his caring and always there when you need him .If he shows above signs just tell him “boy bye!!”

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