Safaricom extends Bonga For Good campaign as an extra cash flow to customers.

Safaricom has extended the Bonga For Good campaign for 30 days to 03 June so customers can continue using their loyalty points to buy goods and services as well as donate to those in need.

By the end of phase one, more than 200,000 customers had redeemed over 670 million points, equivalent to over KES 200 million, providing a boost to over 140,000 participating merchants at a time of suppressed business activity. 

The project aims to give customers an extra means of payment to purchase food and essential services by enhancing the value of Bonga points by 50 percent from KES 0.20 to KES 0.30, as a way of cushioning Kenyans against the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It also allows customers to donate their Bonga Points to those in need as a show of goodwill.

The Bonga loyalty scheme was introduced in 2007 with enrolled customers accumulating a point for every KES 10 spent on services on the Safaricom network. Customers can redeem as little as KES 1 via Lipa na Bonga at key merchants or transfer their points to those in need.

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