How to avoid Corona Virus 😷

What is Covid-19? It is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person cough’s or sneeze. Ensure the surrounding is clean and safe. Here are the best ways to avoid this deadly disease.

  1. Ensure your mouth is moist – water will help to keep your mouth moist. Warm water and lemon water are the best. Drinking water frequently Will help the virus to be directed in stomach where it will not survive the acid.
  2. Avoid shaking – this will help you to get rid off the virus that you might have come across. Use a sanitizer after shaking hands once in a while.
  3. Use of masks – prevention is better than cure. So use that scarf or mask to cover your nose.
  4. Maintain a distance – it’s good to maintain a distance from the other party when your interacting. This will help reduce the higher rate of getting the virus and keeping you safe.
  5. Avoid crusades, rallies and crowded places – this will also help you to be safe. Thus chances of you getting an infection will be very minimal if you remain indoors.
  6. Stay in the sun – this is another safety precaution. Therefore it’s necessary to stay at sunny and high temperatures areas. Let’s watch out since this virus is spreading very fast.

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