Ways to prevent Corona Virus 😷

What is Covid-19? It is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person cough’s or sneeze. Ensure the surrounding is clean and safe. I know many are asked when they hear risen cases of corona virus in their area. worry no more. Here are the best ways to avoid this deadly disease.

  1. Ensure your mouth is moist – water will help to keep your mouth moist. Warm water and lemon water are the best. Drinking water frequently Will help the virus to be directed in stomach where it will not survive the acid.
  2. Avoid shaking hands with people whether they show symptoms or not – this will help you minimize the risk of being infected with the virus that you might have come across. Use a sanitizer after shaking hands once in a while. Unfortunately, people who are infected with COVID-19 may spread the illness even if they aren’t showing symptoms. many people are used to shaking hands but the CDC recommends limiting personal contact right now to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.”
  3. Use of masks – prevention is better than cure. So use that scarf or mask to cover your nose.
  4. Stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing. Since COVID-19 is a respiratory infection, coughing and sneezing are common symptoms. Additionally, coughing and sneezing both release the virus into the air, so they may increase your risk of infection. Keep your distance from people who appear to have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection.[6]If it’s appropriate, ask the person to stay away from you. You could say, “I noticed you were coughing. I hope you feel better soon, but please keep your distance so I don’t get sick. ”If you know someone has been around sick people, it’s a good idea to distance yourself from them, too. –
  5. Avoid crusades, rallies and crowded places – this will also help you to be safe. Thus chances of you getting an infection will be very minimal if you remain indoors. maintain a social distance since you do not know who is infected or not.
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water to reduce your infection risk. it is actually the striking way to prevent COVID-19 whereby you wash your hands as often as possible. Wet your hands with warm water, then apply a mild soap. Work the soap into a lather for 20-30 seconds, then rinse your hands clean under warm running water.

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