How to look younger at 20

To look young and beautiful is a challenge that many youth is a process. To look young you’ll have to maintain your body and do a number of activities to improve on that. You desire to look younger forever, take a look at this tips below.

  1. Take it easy – this means that you need to be at ease most of the time. Don’t stress yourself. You need to interact with people or do something that makes you jovial to avoid stress. Live happy always and you’ll notice a change in you.
  2. Drink plenty of water – water is considered as the best moisturizer. It reduces the appearances of fine lines on the skin and in addition helps one to look younger.
  3. Physical exercise – I know many people hate getting tired. But exercising once in a while will boost your body to look incredibly hot at 20s. Exercise slows cell aging, hence turning off the aging process.
  4. Trim belly fat – to be honest a lady who has a belly looks a bit old. So maintain your belly by ensuring you eat healthy food that doesn’t contain a lot calories. Do sit ups every morning. When you have a flat tummy you look young and beautiful.
  5. Consume plenty of protein – per day make sure you eat food that has protein. Protein is a bodybuilder. So your body to remain younger needs a ready supply of protein available to build new collagen and elastic.
  6. Avoid tobacco products – as a lady you should keep away from tobacco. Tobacco reduces vitamin C thus leading to wrinkle formation. In addition it dehydrates skin.

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By Agnes Mumbi

I am Agnes Mumbi Wambura. I was born in late 90s. Am a Kenyan lady who covers fashion, fitness and relationships.

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