8 best ways to make you look younger again.

Change is inevitable and no one can run away from it. However I got you sorted on how tool younger. Here are the simplest tips to help you.

  1. Take it easy – this means that you need to be at ease most of the time. Don’t stress yourself. You need to interact with people often to live a happy life. Better still find an activity that makes you busy, and which your passionate about. This will help you avoid stress. Live happy always and you’ll notice a great change in your skin.
  2. Know what to drink and what to avoid – water is considered as the best moisturizer. It reduces the appearances of fine lines on the skin and in addition helps one to look younger. So drink at least two litres or eight glasses of water to keep your skin looking youthful. Also consider drinking herbal teas like green tea as they count to your daily intake , while alcohol, black tea, sodas and coffee do not. Lemon water is also good, which is easy to prepare and rich in vitamin C, potassium and magnesium.
  3. Physical exercise – regular exercise help you to lose weight, tone muscles, build healthier bones boost mood and help to think well. So get off that couch and do some exercises. By exercise it does not mean you lift heavy machines, you can just walk for about 10 minutes and all will be well.
  4. Trim belly fat – to be honest a lady who has a belly looks a bit old. So maintain your belly by ensuring you eat healthy food that doesn’t contain a lot calories. Do sit ups every morning. When you have a flat tummy you look young and beautiful.
  5. Consume plenty of protein – per day make sure you eat food that has protein. Protein is a bodybuilder. So your body to remain younger needs a ready supply of protein available to build new collagen and elastic.
  6. Avoid tobacco products – as a lady you should keep away from tobacco. Tobacco reduces vitamin C thus leading to wrinkle formation. In addition it dehydrates skin. Therefore when you avoid this products your lungs will function properly and helps your skin to glow as well. In addition those wrinkles that appear around the mouth will disappear.
  7. Have sex– therapist Sandor Gardos, P.H.D says, ” sex brings blood to the surface of the skin, dilates your pupils and gives you a youthful air.” That feeling you experience and the pumping of blood in a very fast way is good.
  8. skip meals often– its not going to hurt to skip your meals as in return it’s beneficial to your skin. Skipping your meals now and then helps production of your human growth hormone. HGH promotes your body’s collagen production, leading to glower, healthy and younger skin.

I wish you all the best in maintaining your skin and how to look young. Thank you for reading

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