7 Common mistakes men make that are destroying your marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who agree to create a tie and start a family. Marriage is sacred and it requires maximum respect between two partners. Here are some common mistakes that men do not fulfill to his wife during they marriage life.

  1. Unfaithfulness – cheating is awful. Most men think they will just cheat and be forgiven but it does not always work like that. people get tired. So don’t complicate your marriage thinking your wife will tolerate it. It is very hard to rebuild the trust you had before. “In moat cases where there has been betrayal, it is very difficult for the partnership to heal and takes a lot of time,” Mildrad says. and this is the most common point in the marriage. Wife keeps on arguing now and then because of his husband cheating.
  2. Fighting – fighting can be in so many ways. It can be the actual fight or the husband could be fighting to be noticed or to be in control. Fighting to gain control is seen when the husband wants to be in control in financial sector, how to handle kids is such way he wants to dominate in everything. Also as man you have to respect your wife just as you respected her before you got married.
  3. Failure to confide in your wife – most men fail to trust in their wives. They tend to keep secrets instead of sharing what they are facing with their partner. I know its hard for men to open up but when you do it shows your strength. It takes courage for men feel free but in return it makes women feel special and appreciated and not left out.
  4. Limit of satisfaction -some men are cruel in bedroom. They pretend to have no clue and forget that women need more to actually turn them on. “Affection, making her feel loved and needed, that’s basic for her to feel aroused,” Maslow says. Women prefer feeling the connection before doing the actual action.
  5. Bad listening skills – as a man you need to develop listening skills. By listening i mean giving your wife enough attention as she talks. Don’t just node when she talks, pay attention and give her a solution if she been bothered by something. What she most often wants is to talk things out, and she wants you to be actively engaged in the conversation, not by trying to be the hero and save the day but by demonstrating an interest in what she is saying and caring about what she is experiencing emotionally, Vanderhorst says.
  6. His a spendthrift – a woman hates a man who spends his man in a thoughtless and irresponsible manner. This actually make a woman a woman lose interest leading to complications of marriages. Also spendthrift we mean a man buying big things, like Cars and huge machines without discussing it with his wife. So as partners you have to talk first, share opinion and know the way forward.
  7. Underestimating the need of going on dates – once in a while take your wife out. Make her feel special and appreciated. Show her that she is still the same person you loved going out with when you were dating. Experts say continuing to go on dates can lead to greater intimacy and connection. Therefore, as a man don’t assume your wife does not need to go dates. Make memories as you grow old together.

Good luck in your marriage. Thank you for reading.

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