Causes, treatment and best shampoo for dandruff

Dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp whereby the body sheds dead skin cells a lot. After every 24 days the skin tends to shed itself. At normal circumstances, in a normal scalp the process of Sloughing off ancient cells and producing the replacements is usually in order and complete. So as to deal with dandruffs it’s crucial to note there is a difference between a dry scalp and dandruff.

Types of dandruffs

  1. Dry dandruff – They are caused by excessive production of epidermal cells

2. Oily Dandruff – the are caused by excessive production of epidermal cells accompanied by production of body’s natural oil.

Other causes are

  1. Internal causes which is led by poor health which include things like allergies and poor hygiene which is due to lack of resting leading to poor blood circulation, emotional stress and improper nutrition.
  2. External causes

This includes inadequate rinsing of scalp and hair, lack of applying enough shampoo in the hair, lack of knowledge on use of alcohol based hairsprays and gels, wrong use of hair colouring ingredients.

Tricks to help you deal with dandruff

  1. Continues shampooing and thorough rinsing – when washing your hair make sure to use enough shampoo to get rid of accumulated oils and skin cells This is important to ensure that the scalp doesn’t produce new flakes.
  2. Use anti- dandruff shampoos – most of them act directly to hinder fungus growth. Because these shampoos can be dry, it’s important to apply a deep penetrating moisture treatment with aloe Vera and Chamomile to moisturise the hair and sooth the scalp.
  3. Disinfecting of all tool and equipments you use in your hair- to prevent spreading of dandruffs.
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