Advantages of drinking water

Water has various advantages in our daily lives. Therefore it’s advisable to drink almost eight glasses of water per day.

  1. Smooth skin – water facilities removal of toxins from the body hence making the skin to remain smooth. It keeps your skin glowing always.
  2. Weight loss – since water contains no calories,it facilities burning of more calories that are in the body . Instead of drinking soft drinks or sugary stuffs just take a glass of water. Water will help you maintain your body.
  3. It reduces chronic diseases – water reduces Chances of suffering from chronical diseases. Like it reduces heart diseases.
  4. Reduce headaches – drinking water frequently helps reduce having headaches.
  5. Regulate temperature – when temperature rises in the body, one is advised to drink water to cool.
  6. Prevent constipation – water is important in the body to reduce constipation. Hence it gets easier for a person to even excrete unwanted waste.

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How to look modest this Christmas

Let’s take a look at this examples. Here is a sample of how to look incredibly hot ,sexy and gorgeous. Therefore, you don’t wanna miss looking like a queen before this year ends. What’s your fashion this year ? Take a look at mine below.

A short black dress – first of all it makes you look modest , independent and brings out the best in you. Black makes you look focused, power, authoritative. Black makes a woman to be feared in an admirable.

A white chiffon – a baggy chiffon that will keep you comfortable and relaxed. A chiffon clearly matches with that dress in a way you can sparkle even in a crowd.

A pair of heels – you wouldn’t wanna miss this pair. Heels are always the best to match with a dress. You always look elegant and spectacular hot.

Also things to include in your style,is a necklace and bracelet. They always make you lady like. Better still a long weave. Weaves are fabulous and sexy .

Anyways that’s what I have before this amazing year ends. That’s my fashion and my style all in one. Hope you like it. Just trying to give you ideas of how to rock this Christmas with a good sense of style. πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’«

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Five fast ways to maintain a soft face skin.

Worry no more sister, because everything you need to keep your face beautiful and soft is right here. Furthermore read the article below and you’ll know what your missing.

  1. Steaming face – This is an easy method which you can do in your house. You don’t have to go to a salon to be steamed. It’s a cheap method. You just warm your water then put it in your table, as you bend cover your head with your towel. It’s beneficial as it helps to remove blackheads or unnecessary dirt beneath your skin. Don’t over steam to avoid killing the good bacteria that protects your face.

2. Applying Avocado – The natural oil in the avocado is the one that’s important. Make sure you have at least one Avocado, cut it into pieces and smash it in a dish. Then spread it all over your face. Do this repeatedly and you’ll notice a change.

3. Buy a face towel – Purchase a small towel specifically for your face. Don’t wipe with it your hands or your whole body. To have a healthy skin also start by maintaining that towel your using. It should be clean always.

4. Wash you face before sleeping – Many people feel lazy to wash they face before sleeping. They forget that face needs to relax too , pores ought to breath and open. Hence before sleeping it’s necessary to remove that make to ensure pores are free too.

5. Know your skin type – By this I don’t mean being brown, chocolate or either dark skinned. I mean is your face oily or dry. When you get to know which type your face is ,then it’s easy to know which pods or foundation number suit your face.

That’s all for now. I hope this tips will help you a lot in maintaining you face. Remember Christmas is nearing you need to rock and look sexy. Every girl deserve better.πŸ‘―πŸ‘―

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