How to look sassy with a simple outfit.

Take a look at this sample!!

  1. A turtle neck.
  2. A harem trouser.
  3. A wedged rubber shoe.
  4. Finally a stunning maroon weave!!

Furthermore lemme get your opinions about this outfit guys. last but not least don’t forget to like my blog, leave a comment. Let’s have some fun!!

Thank you all !!😍😍

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Facts about short girls in a relationship. πŸ‘ΈπŸ’―

1.They are sweet and romantic -I believe most men can agree with me in this point that every short girl adds some spices to every relationship.

2. They are passionate – this means they love wholly. They are sure of what they want. In short they are loving and caring.

3. Short ladies look fabulous with heels – they look sassy and always in fashion despite any outfits they choose.

4. They are self standing girls – due to they height this makes them more willing to be independent, to do things their own way without much assistance.

5. Similarly, they are highly abusive – this one I can agree ha! This is actually true!!…. They height makes them feel like they are ignored and the only way they can respond to any point is through abusive words .

6. They always start an argument – just pay close attention between a short lady with a tall man or woman, the short one always start the argument.

7. In addition short ladies are overprotective – what belongs to them is theirs for keeps. They maintain what they have forever unless their partners destroys that bond .

8. Finally short ladies are easy to deal with – men have less stress when handling an argument with a short lady.

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Awesome African braids styles. 🌷🌷

Tired of putting weaves, maintaining natural hair or either way your undecided of what to be braided, worry no more because everything is all set for you right here at kobby’s blog. Everything is all sorted out for you.

Just take a look at this samples,they are stunning, right? 😍😍

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Disadvantages of being a side chick.

  1. Highly disrespected by the man – men will never notice or picture you as a lady who can handle a family.
  2. You are always his last priority – your existence is remembered only when his bored or just want to hang out for fun and nothing more.
  3. Less valued by men – men will always think you are cheap and you can never change your behaviour of be cheap to be a real lady who can take care of him.
  4. As a side chick it is less likely that you will be included in making decisions – whatever that man says ,it’s to be followed without questioning.
  5. Highly abused by a man – this is because the man will always come to you to relieve his stress whenever they argue with his girlfriend,when his mood less. Etc
  6. Empty future promises – only a few percentage of the side chicks will be promised something by men and later on realize that they were just empty promises.

Ladies let’s respect ourselves,our bodies and don’t let anyone treat you as a second option in this world. Life is too short to waste it . Live your life as a lady and enjoy it fully. πŸ’―β£οΈ

Love you all 😍😍

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