Tips for having a flat tummy!

1.Dancing: dancing is an activity that’s pleasant and fun to do it. Find yourself a room that has enough space for you to dance comfortably without interruption. Then be active as you continue to belly dance and you’ll notice that there is a change in your belly. All you need is put your favorite music that makes you wanna dance til you reach the stars.

2.sit-ups: before you sleep you can aim to be doing at least 10 sit-ups before you sleep. This will help tighten the muscles around your waist.

3: Drinking boiled water mixed with gingers,lemon, garlic and honey. Honey is a natural sugar that helps reduce the bitterness in the mixed water. If you drink this mixed water in the morning before taking your breakfast you’ll realize a great change with your belly. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

4. Skipping: it’s necessary that you buy a jumping rope and make sure that per day you at least jump so as to burn extra calories.

5. Avoid late night supper. Guys just try your best to eat at least two hours before you go to bed .

That’s all for tonight family. Love you all, good night 💖

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Four ways to having an awesome body.😘

1.Running- especially in the morning before you eat anything helps to burn calories the whole body.

2.Dancing- as you dance you are able to stretch the muscles of you hands, stomach and even thighs.

3. Stair climbing-this one is helpful in tightening the thighs that may seem like sagging or kind of “baggy”.

4. Squats- this is a good exercise especially when you want your booty to enlarge. Because when you squat those calories that may be hiding around your tummy will be directed to those sexy booties.

Don’t forget to leave your comments darlings. Love y’all 😍😍

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